Welcome to Gajantlaxmi

Indian Culture has adored the elephant since centuries. Religious rituals start with worships of Shree Ganesha – An elephant – god. Indian architecture depicts elephant in many forms and ways. Elephants are composed in Temples and in places to express wealth, dignity and ambiance by master designers and sculptors to glorify our heritage.

Gajraj is deity of strength, intellect, wealth and richness. All the happiness and richness resides in the place Where this ancient icon is placed and prayed. Gajant Laxmi’ is a creation of legendary arts and beliefs Blended beautifully. Right foreleg stepped ahead denotes progress – slightly bowed head indicates serenity. Various symbols enrich qualities of beauty and sancitity.
  • Shri Ganeshji are carved accompanied with Riddhi and Siddhi on both sides of abdomen.
  • Peacock, deer, cow-head and lotus flower indicate charm, beauty, purity and grandeur.
  • Lion’s head provides protection to all the family and house from all ill forces working within the space and emerging from outside.
  • ‘Gajant Laxmi’ constantly radiates positives energy and creatives aura charge is equivalent to frequencies created by ‘Shree Yantra’ weighing 1.5kg mass.
‘Gajant Laxmi’ emits energy and blessings and charges the space of your home or workplace with bliss and heavenly happiness.

Gajant Laxmi I a constant source of growth when placed facing North, Growth, Cumulation of wealth, Zest and Pleasure showered around are experienced by almost all who shared their feedbacks among others.

May ‘Gajant Laxmi’ shower every happiness on you, your family and all the world around.