Scientific observations of “Gajantlaxmi” by Dowsing Method
  1. Favorable Directions To Keep Gajantlaxmi
    • East
    • West
    • North
    • North-East
    • Prosperity-North Face
    • Publicity – North Face
  2. Most effective if kept at south wall & face towards north side open window
  3. Keeping in hall, dining, study room, kitchen is acceptable
  4. Do not keep in bed room.
  5. In pooja room – Face towards pooja performer is proper.
  6. Effect of gajantlaxmi on mind
    • Increasing positive thinking level by at least 25% (5% negative level increase may cause suicidal incidence)
    • Emotional & intellectual effect is more.
    • No effect on energy level (Aura) by consuming alcohol E-non veg.
    • Aura potency increases by 10% if kept in pair
    • No penetration of energy through slab so use separate on every floor.
    • If kept in bungalow 100% energy effect in surrounding area.
    • It is better to keep red/yellow cloth below gajantlaxmi.
    • Keeping in acrylic box aura reduces by 60% to 65%
    • By body painting on gold plating aura reduces by 50% to 55%